New Phishing Scam Targeting Online Selling Websites/Marketplace Websites

Phishing Scam that is Trending

A new Phishing Scam targeting online marketplaces and selling websites is increasing in popularity. These scams concern well known reputable courier services and their apparently new, highly secure, efficient payment platform.

Courier services such as Fastway, DPD and FedEx are the latest companies to be impersonated by the fraudsters in their attempt to obtain private information.

New Courier Scams – How They Work and How to Fight Them

Individuals are targeted when they list an item for sale on an online marketplace or website and are contacted by an ‘interested buyer’.

Once a price is agreed, the buyer seeks to use the reputable courier, presenting it as an efficient way to transact with the service arranging payment, collection and delivery.

Using the company as a third-party payment system, the scammer will allegedly deposit the agreed price into the platform. After which the seller is free to create an account, uploading their bank details with the expectation that the money will be transferred.

Evidently, the seller does not receive their money, nor does the package ever get collected. Furthermore the scammer now has access to their bank account details and will attempt to extract any and all available funds.

How to Recognise a Phishing Scam & Avoid Them

It can be very easy to fall victim to a phishing scam. They are often highly convincing and well organised. It is important to stay vigilant and protect yourself by transacting exclusively in a safe environment.

We recommend when either buying or selling online to always request to transact with Escrowscrypto. Considering Escrowscrypto only releases the funds once the purchase has been received and inspected, no scammer is willing to conduct their payment processes through our platform.

Escrowscrypto’s team of fraud analysts offer additional security, as they ensure all suspicious transactions are flagged, paused and investigated before any funds are released.

Escrowscrypto considers and caters to the needs of both parties, not only protecting the buyers but additionally the sellers. Escrowscrypto safeguards all sellers from fraudulent complaints and dishonest returns, mediating and resolving all disputes.

Escrowscrypto is an instant transactional solution for any marketplace, eliminating the prospect of fraud and scams. Utilising Escrowscrypto’s buyer protection and fraud detection features, sellers can add a whole new layer of security to their trading platforms. contact the local police or Coded Investigators immediately.

By Katie Collins

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