How to create a contract on

Step 1.

Log In: Log in to your account on the platform using your username and password..

how to setup contract

Step 2.

Start a new transaction on the platform. You may need to provide details such as the parties involved, the terms of the transaction, and the assets (cryptocurrency or other items) to be held in escrow.


Step 3.

Fund the Escrow: Transfer the assets (e.g., cryptocurrency) into the escrow account created for this specific transaction. Wait for the other party (buyer/seller) to accept the contract.

Step 4.

Review and Confirm: Review the transaction details and ensure all parties agree. Once everyone is in agreement, confirm the transaction.

Step 5.

Wait for Completion: Wait for the specified conditions to be met. This may involve waiting for a certain date, the delivery of goods, or the completion of a task.

Step 6.

Release or Refund: If the conditions are met, escrowscrypto platform will release the funds to the appropriate party. If there is a dispute or the conditions are not met, the platform may initiate a dispute resolution process or refund the funds to the sender.

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