Protect your customers by offering the safest and the most reliable payment solution

Boost Your Sales provides the safest and most reliable payment solution for all internet marketplaces.

If you have an ecommerce or marketplace website or a business versed in high-ticket transactions, a partnership with can have a huge impact on your business. The partnership program allows registered partners to create, manage and close transactions using the payments API. This means you can access the safest and most reliable internet payment method for all transactions on your marketplace or platform.

For your customers, having the shield on all their transactions allows them peace of mind when they are transacting with unknown parties. Knowing with certainty that there can be no fraud or payment scams increases their confidence in your product which means more brand loyalty.

Benefits of becoming an partner:

  • Add secure payments to your marketplace or platform – adds secure payments to your platform or marketplace by holding the buyers funds in our secure trust account whilst the parties complete the terms of their transaction.
  • Multiple funding and disbursement options – accepts multiple payment options adding convenience to all your transactions.
  • Increase sale completion – Stop deal pullouts at the source. Because the buying party must fund the transaction before the terms of the transaction are fulfilled, you and your customers can be sure that the buyer will not pull out at the last minute leaving your sellers high and dry.
  • Have the shield on your transactions – is the largest provider of escrow online in the world. Licencsed and bonded since 2015, the shield will give your customers peace of mind.
  • World class customer support – Our customer support team can help you and your customers through your transaction every step of the way.
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